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BetterDomains.net logo  many excellent domains for sale — get a great website name!

Primaries.ws logo  links to state election sites — and state primary domains for sale!

TeamCharts logo  graphical charts of NFL standings, for current & previous seasons

NewWaveBands.com logo  an introduction to "new wave" music and some of its best artists

Chessology.net logo  free chess scoresheet, rules for "First Check Wins," and more

JaneEyre.net header  insights into the book Jane Eyre and reviews of film versions 

MersennePrimes.com logo   learn about the search for gigantic prime numbers

PiRap.com logo  catch the "Pi Rap," a rap song with 75 digits of pi, by Math Master G

Bisecting.net logo   learn how to bisect an angle, with or without a compass!

AlistairMaclean.com logo  reviews of every novel by great thriller writer Alistair Maclean

Cinquain.net logo  an introduction to the type of poem known as a cinquain

TitaniumNecklace.net logo  titanium necklaces, from chains to MLB / NCAA team designs

ShadowAlphabet.com header  if you like "different" typefaces, check out the shadow alphabet!

FirstNovel.com logo  a new blog about trying to write one's first novel!

Running.info logo  thought-provoking views about the hobby of distance running

PeppermintPig.com logo → the Peppermint Pig, a Christmas tradition — and great gift idea!

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